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Date: 10th May 2016
Maize Mill Machine Kenya 5T Per D
Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China maize mill machine kenya 5t per d manufacturers,Website:, with advanced factory, we are also a professional Africa maize mill machine kenya 5t per d supplier.HDFM-5Ke MAIZE MILL INSTRUCTIONHDFM-5 maize mill is specially for countryside,farm,home use,which use small working place,power supply just 8.7-20kw; good for milling maize,with complete technical flow design,the maize mill can produce degermed white breakfast meal,roller meal.Specially for Africa Market? HDFM-5 Maize mill use one No.4 Blower system,which lifting the maize and maize products,maize bran,and de-dust.One degerminator can scrub the bran from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity,with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragment.One traditional mill and one roller mill,which can break the maize fragment after the degerminator,and get the breakfast meal,roller meal.One vibrating-round sifter,which can sifting the final products,to get the right size final products.The cloth dust filter is for collect the light flour when processing,to insure the workshop is very clean.Technical flow:Cleaning maize first go to the degerminator, after the digerminator,go to the tradition mill,the tradition mill is to break the big maize to the small-middle maize grits,then go to the sifter,from the sifter, the sifter will separate the bran,germ,and the big grits,the breakfast meal will go packing, the big grits will go the the roller mill to milling to breakfast meal,after the roller mill, will go to the sifter again to get the breakfast meal.All the system use electricity control box which can control all the motor.Have the contactor and relay to protect the machine.and the control box have the Am meter can check the Ampere anytime,can check each machine running details.The maize meal mesh size can be controlled by the sifter whole mesh size.The sifter screen can be changed easily,client can produce different mesh maize meal.The whole machine pipe,and sifter are made by stainless steel,Clean,Beauty,Safety,Healthy
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